Updated: Brewing Guide to Cafetieres / French Press

Cafetiere, or if you prefer, french press coffee makers have been in the news a bit lately. Douwe Egberts recently published a survey revealing that, even though the average Briton spend £15,000 in a lifetime in coffee shops, a staggering 75% don’t use a cafetiere: 38% owned one but avoided using it as they thought they were too complicated; whilst another 37% per cent didn’t even know how to use one.

And yet only last week, Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks) told Business Week that using a french press you can…“have the best cup of coffee known to mankind”.

So to help our mighty nation of former tea drinkers out and show them what they’re missing, we’ve updated our brewing guide to cafetieres: we’ve improved the layout, added a handy diagram and also a fine-tuning section. We hope you like it.

After a bit of practice you’ll soon be able see whether Schultz is right: that a cup of home-brewed french press coffee really is better than a cappuccino at erm…Starbucks.

Click on the diagram to visit our updated brewing guide:
classic brewing method for cafetieres

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