How to make Irish Coffee

Seeing as the festive season tends to be a boozy one, I thought it would be the perfect time to post a recipe for Irish Coffee.

Irish Coffee is said to have originated at Shannon International Airport. The story goes that when some American passengers disembarked from their plane on a miserable winter’s evening, sometime during the 1940s, the bartender, John Sheridan, added whiskey to their coffee to help warm them up. When asked whether the coffee was Brazilian, Sheridan replied “No its Irish Coffee”.

Irish Coffee Recipe

You will need: coffee (preferably Central American in origin), whiskey (blended rather then single estate, Irish for extra authenticity e.g. Bushmills, Jameson etc), brown sugar, double cream and a wine glass to serve it in.

ingredients for irish coffee

  1. Brew some coffee in a cafetiere or other full-immersion method. Central American coffees work best, but feel free to experiment with other origins.
  2. Whilst the coffee is brewing, lightly whisk some double cream until it’s roughly twice its original volume and has started to thicken slightly. It should still be pourable.
  3. Add ½ a teaspoon of brown sugar (more if you have a sweet tooth) and 25ml of whiskey to a pre-heated wine glass.
  4. Then pour over approximately 150ml of coffee. The coffee should come up to around 1cm from the top of the glass (if you’re using a bigger wine glass you may need to add more whiskey and coffee. Keep it 1 part whiskey to 6 parts coffee).
  5. Stir until all the sugar has dissolved.
  6. Next pour over the cream and fill the glass right to the top. The aim is to get the cream to float on top of the coffee. To help do this, balance a tablespoon upside down over the glass, with the tip of the spoon resting just above the coffee. Now pour the cream over the back of the spoon so it slowly trickles into the coffee. If the cream sinks, its not been whisked enough.
  7. Serve. Traditionally, you drink the coffee through the layer of cream, so you shouldn’t stir it anymore.

irish coffee

Happy New Year!

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